“Efficiency and speed have to be developed by having efficiency at slow speed.”

“In order for an athlete to reach the highest level of competitive swimming, be it in surf, triathlon, or actual competition swimming, they must possess great skill development. It is quite an obvious fact that we do not see champion athletes with poor technique. Swimming is a technique driven sport and the development of skills is paramount if one wishes the maximum potential of the athlete that they are working with.”

“Swimming drills are about doing things 100% right, 99% right is equivalent to 100% wrong, so quality control must be exercised during this early period of development whether its in a basic training program or super elite program.”

“No matter whether you are at the junior level or senior level there is no chance when it comes to technique.  Everyone will vary in the amount of training they do, but no one will question technique.”

Master Australian and Head UK Coach Bill Sweetenham, link to Youtube video featuring Bill Sweetenham, and swimmers Ian Thorpe, Stephanie Rice, Libby Trickett







Diet & Nutrition

Coach – Bill Sweetenham


Coach – Richard Quick, Auburn U, Stanford U & US Olympic Team Head Coach

Coach – Bob Bowman

Coach – Gary Hall Sr