TOEST Team Hockey Jerseys

We will be ordering team hockey jerseys this week on Wednesday afternoon so that we will have them – hopefully – in time for the Alderwood meet January 20th. To obtain the pricing and customization we have asked we need to order at least 13 jerseys.  Based on the replies Aimee has received that number should be achievable.

Athlete Order Placement Deadline:

WEDNESDAY DEC 12th @ 12noon


  • Gold & Black Hockey Jersey from Athletic Knit

  • The Olympian Experience logo on the front

  • Your Last Name & a 12″ number on the back – #s will only be used once, and #s will be reserved based on Google doc time stamp

  • the logo (as on swimcaps) on the right upper arm

  • $40 + HST = $45.20

To order:

  1. complete the Google doc – Order Form so that we know how you want your jersey customized

  2. payment options: cash or cheque (to: TOEST), etransfer/auto-deposit, or PayPal (3% added to cover PayPal fees)


The sizing chart below appears to have measurements that include hockey equipment. I would recommend putting on a hoodie or whatever clothing item you intend to wear under the jersey and then measure (both chest & waist). I would add a bit of space to ensure the jersey fits loosely so its easy to get on & off with other clothing underneath. I found the waist measurement more helpful then the chest to select jersey size.

etransfer/Auto Deposit ($45.20)

etransfer email:

PayPal ($46.60 = $45.20+3%)

Please complete a separate order form for each jersey you want. To prevent errors separate orders should help ensure accuracy in customization.  Thank you