2020-2021 Season Results

Canaqua Sports Welland Canal Open Water Swim


We checked the weather Saturday night….risk of thunderstorms on race morning, yikes!  Woke up to a calm and pleasantly humid warm September morning with the risk of thunderstorms reduced to simply the chance of a slight shower, hurray!  The kids headed on down — on their own no less — to Welland to do their first ever event on their own.  Having not swam since the pre-Covid shutdown in March, Serena signed up for 2.5km swim.  Mark on the other hand having not swam since April 2020 decided to give the 5km swim another go (his first and last time doing it was in 2019).

A lack of pool time was a non-issue for Serena & Mark; both would have preferred to have been able to swim but a professional has to be able to perform irrespective of what circumstances provide. Both demonstrated that when done properly multisport training (aka cross-training) allows athletes to retain performance levels with minimal to no sport specific training. Mark messaged us shortly after his swim that he could feel the entire summer of cycling in the power his legs had in his kick. It has been no different for many of the professionals swimmers in the ISL (i.e. International Swim League) as many lost pool time due to Covid lockdowns in their own countries yet they maintained their performance into competition by cross training (with many making up training time by cycling). Equally, many of the athletes who went to Tokyo for the Olympic Games had to also cross train in order to make up for training that was lost due to their facilities being shut down.

And now, the results: Serena finished 4th overall and was the top overall female in the 2.5km swim. Mark swam to 3rd overall in the 5km event and was 1st in the 18-24 age category. Both of the kids were no more than a minute off their prior times for these events. From a parents perspective: the kids got themselves to and from the event site (first time ever), attended the mandatory pre-event meetings and each put in solid performances. That’s an impressive set of results that any parent can be proud of.