2019-2020 Season Results

And that’s a wrap…  for the 2019-2020 season.

That maybe a wrap and there may not be any lap swimming but that doesn’t mean the swimming has to come to a stop. Carolina, Patricia & Leslie headed down to the Lake on Sunday (May 24th) and despite 11 degree water temperature got a 1,000m swim in. Wetsuits were a must, and with safety foremost especially in colder temperatures, swim buddies flotation devices were used by all. Nicely done ladies!

No one saw and no one could have predicted the Covid19 virus shutting down the globe, but here we are. Now with the City of Burlington cancelling all programs until the end of June, and keeping all recreational facilities closed til the end of June means that the TOEST training season of 2019-2020 and the entire Masters Swimming Ontario (MSO) competition season have come to an early close.

Now we await news as to when businesses can reopen, and hopefully reopen in time so that we can have a summer swim training season ahead of (hopefully) Multisport Worlds in Almere in September as well as the season of local single sport (e.g. open water swim) and multisport events. We will send out to all TOESTees updates of upcoming training sessions as soon as we are able to arrange pool dates & times. Looking forward to seeing y’all real soon.

Results don’t only come when racing…

Sometimes results, really amazing results happen in training. On Saturday Feb 28th, during a TOEST training session (400m FR repeats with 1 min rest using Tempo Trainers set at lower than normal training cadences) Patricia recorded and then logged the results from this set into Training Peaks – see image on left.

It took me a second to realize it but once I did realize what she had just achieved, I immediately went to the Masters Swimming Ontario (MSO) website to look back at all of Patricia’s 400m FR Personal Bests (PBs) – see image below.

Patricia’s 400FR PB in 2017 was 8:31 (2:08/100m pace), and in 2018 she dropped it to 8:03 (2:01/100m pace) and earlier this year she dropped it further down to 7:10 (1:48/100m pace)… but on Saturday night what Patricia did was truly outstanding: she was doing 400FR repeats FASTER than her 400FR PB from only 2 years ago, and crushing her 400FR PB time from only 3 years ago. Wow!

Oh… and she did this without even one single HiiT/interval session or any sets with pace times!  So how did she do it if she didn’t do it by training ‘hard’?  By training smart: focused on technique when in the pool, and in dryland on developing the core strength and coordination that would translate into greater efficiency in the pool.

Now imagine where Patricia can be in another 2years… swimming 400FR repeats faster than her current PB! Wouldn’t that be way cool!  And awesomely fast, especially when you consider that Patricia only learnt to swim in 2015.  Sweet work Patricia! BTW… Patricia also did this after being sidelined and out of the pool for 6 weeks (Dec-Jan). Again a testament to her consistency in training smart. If Patricia did it, there is no reason anyone else can’t… its just a matter of putting in the work, smart work that is.

BTW… another thing to consider is this: after 5yrs Patricia is nowhere close to being at her potential in the sport of swimming… how bout you? How long have you been training in a sport and are you still seeing PBs? If not, why not? There is a wrong way and a right way to train. Train right and the potential to progress in sport becomes infinite.

Stephen Forsey Meet (SCM)
@ Pan Am Markham Pool

The meet began with evidence that will make everyone [on the team that does dryland] roll their eyes because Patricia proved once again that dryland is the way to achieving consistent peak performances. A year ago, at MSO Provincials and only 5 weeks before Multisport Worlds in Spain, Patricia swam the 400FR in a time of 7:24; this year after only being back in the pool for a month (after being out of the pool for approx 6 weeks), Patricia set a new PB in the 400FR of 7:10… and this was done without a taper or rest as compared to last year heading into Provincials. How? Ask Patricia for the long story, but the short story is… dryland training and loads of it done consistently.

Next up… Gladys who after slipping on her way into the Pan Am facility the morning of the meet, banged up her knee but did decide to do the meet after warming up and feeling that the knee was only sore. In addition to the 50BK, Gladys led off the 200 Medley Relay team swimming the backstroke which took 1st place in the age category and then went on to swim for the first time ever 50FR. FYI… this is the culmination of almost 2 years of steady training that has allowed Gladys to go from non-swimmer to competitive swimmer, to swimming on team relays. Amazing work Gladys and congratulations. And… plugging dryland again, Gladys has been training as consistently in the pool as she has been in the gym. Gladys, your results are a tribute to the work you have put in… again well done!

Kelly took on the 100FR and 200FR as new events swimming them both with exceptional pacing, similarly Tom paced his effort extremely well to put in swims that were executed strategically start to finish. Tom’s goal was to approach the meet differently by setting specific objectives for each event that he wanted to execute. What a difference it made.

Tanya swam the 200IM for the first time earlier this year at Alderwood (SCY), and at this meet decided to give it another go and did she ever… taking 6 secs off (converted time from SCY to SCM) and that is in just over a month between the two meets! Aimee put in a Hosszu-esque effort by swimming 6 of the 9 morning events (i.e. 6 events in approx 2 hr time span) and Carolina continued with her focus on developing her FLY stroke by swimming in all 3 FLY events (50, 100 and 200) plus the 100 and 200 IMs [Individual Medleys] plus an extra 50 FLY in the Medley Relay.

Last but not least Andres… Andres started the meet swimming his first ever 400FR finishing in a time of 8:05 and then proceeded to take 4secs of his 100FR time. After that it seems all the success got to Andres as his cadence control got away  from him in the 50m events… Andres hit a peak rpm of 101 strokes/min which I think is a record for him.

Last meet for the team will be the Milton Masters Spring Splash in April… lets see everyone out in Milton!

TOEST placed 5th amongst 35 teams!

Click to enlarge team standings (points) from the meet

Update: New MSO SCY Records – 400FR Mixed Relay Team

And there is yet another new MSO Record from the 2020 Alderwood Teddy Bares 45th Annual Swim Meet… this time a relay team record which is also out team’s first relay record. Congrats to Kate, Tanya, Mark and MJ.

Update: New MSO SCY Records – Carolina Lleras

At the 2020 Alderwood Teddy Bares 45th Annual Swim Meet, Carolina who aged up into the 50-54W category set two new records. The prior 200FLY record was standing since 1987, Carolina took 7secs off it, and then took 0.01secs to claim the 50FLY record as well. In the 400IM, Carolina was just 2secs off the current record. Amazing work Carolina.

Alderwood 45th Annual Teddy Bares Meet (SCY)

New Events
Personal Bests
MSO SCY Records

An amazing number of firsts: Andres swam his first 500FR event, Tom swam his first 200FR event, Kelly swam her first ever 100y events and not just one but 3: the 100FR, 100BR, and 100BK, and we have to give Gail a special shout out for not only her first ever 50y event, but her first swim meet ever. Gail started swimming just a handful of months ago at the age of 80 no less thanks to the encouragement of her daughter Tanya who was also at the meet and added the 100BR for the first time to her long list of swims.

Amazing work team!

Hope y’all grabbed a few sandwiches and cookies on the way out… Alderwood always puts on a great meet and this year was no different. Plus, we were all in for a special treat as Alderwood’s founding coach & member came up from St Catharines to do a ceremonial start to commemorate the 45th consecutive Alderwood Open meet.

No, I didn’t forget about Carolina… Carolina aged up this year to the W50-54 category so she has a fresh start on all the records in this category. With already 8 individual records and 2 relay team records, Carolina added 2 more today: 200FLY & 50FLY. The 200FLY record was standing from 1987, Carolina took 7secs off that record; and in the 50FLY took 0.01secs off the record in a time of 30.53. Which now brings Carolina’s individual record total up to … 10 … wow and congrats!

Next up… the Stephen Forsey meet in February, hope to see you all there.

Alderwood Update:

With results uploaded to the MSO website all the results including team standings can be reviewed. As a team we finished in 3rd place out of 21 teams. Awesome work y’all! And individually…

  • Andres swam to 6/6 P.B.s: 5secs faster in 100BR, 7secs faster in 50BR, 11secs faster in 100FR, and 4secs faster in 50 FR, and looking back to Alderwood in 2018… Andres for the 100FR started at 1:49.84 (SCY) and just swam 1:26.54! The 500FR and the 200BR were both 1st time events… so 2 more P.B.s!

  • Tom swam to 6/6 P.B.s: he took 1sec of his 50FR, 2secs of his 100FR, and 5 secs of his 50BR, and with the 50BK, 100BR, and 200FR being all 1st time events… thats 3 more P.B.s!

  • Tanya swam to 6/6 P.B.s: 4secs faster in 100FR, 4secs faster in 200FR, 10secs faster in 100IM, 8secs faster in 200IM, and the 100BK & 100BR being 1st time events… that adds up to 6 out 6 P.B.s!

  • It was the first yards meet for both Kelly and Gail so all of their events were P.B.s… that’s 6/6 for Kelly, and 1/1 for Gail.

  • As for the veterans… Kate took 4secs off her 50FR swimming 31.95 and 2 secs off her 50FLY times, and father & son duo Mark & MJ posted 4 P.B.s together for a team total of 31 P.B.s!

If those aren’t amazing results… I don’t know what is.  Absolutely awesome team! WOW!

Update: New MSO Record Holder – Gladys Lleras

Was looking up club records for Alderwood Teddy Bares meet and look what I found… we have a new Ontario Women’s Record Holder!  Gladys Lleras set an Ontario record for the 25m BK at the Guelph Fast & Furious Meet. Hurray! Gladys only started swimming a couple years ago, and Guelph F&F in 2019 was only her 2nd meet… ever. Congrats Gladys!

An after thought… how many other mother-daughter simultaneous Ontario MSO Record Holders are there? I don’t think there are many, if any at all… which means the duo of Gladys & Carolina have perhaps set another record as the only mother-daughter team to both have records! Now that is a cool family record to have.

Guelph Masters Fast & Furious Swim Meet

Yowzer! What a meet! It was record setting in more ways than one as TOEST had for the first time ever 13 swimmers at a meet… more than we had on the entire team during our first couple of years. Of those 13 swimmers it was the first ever swim meet for 4 TOESTees. The team put in altogether a total of 68 individual swims, and tack on 2 relay teams for a total of 76 swims… wow! Congrats to all, it was amazing to see so many smiling faces as I heard time and again how much fun everyone had, with questions already turning to when is the next meet, where, and what events will there be at that meet. FYI… its the Alderwood Teddy Bares meet, a link is below if you scroll down to the full list of MSO meets.

As for a meet overview… only three days before the meet we all receive an email sharing that a pipe had broken at the UGuelph pool, but the Guelph Masters who were putting on the meet – specifically Dawn – managed to obtain pool time at a pool just up the street, at the Victor Davis Memorial Pool. Although 6 lanes instead of the 8 at Guelph, the meet ran quickly and 3 heats of relays were possible despite the 4pm cut off time that we had to be out. As for results… still waiting for them to be uploaded to the MSO site, but as mentioned… the energy and the excitement at the end of the meet was the best result ever. Thanks to all TOESTees for coming out and making this a memorable event.