2017-2018 Season Results

Alderwood Teddy Bares Swim Meet, Jan 2018

The 43rd Annual Teddy Bares Masters Swim Meet was this past weekend (Jan 21st) in Etobicoke with over 100 swimmers participating, and with Masters athletes coming from as far away as the Ottawa region. TOEST athletes put in superb swims, and topping it off was our women’s relay team who finished off the meet with…

2nd in the 4×50 FR relay

1st in the 4×50 Medley relay

Well done ladies! Next up… the BMSC Winter Splash and the Forsey Invitational.

Burlington Masters Spring Splash Swim Meet, Feb 2018

If its the weekend of the Burlington Masters Spring Splash then you can mark in your calendar some sort of weather event.  Usually its a snow storm, this year freezing rain after days of steady snow.  No matter… the show must go on and it did. With new TOESTees coming out and dipping their toes into the waters of a swim meet for the first time, there was excitement throughout the entire meet. Everyone walked away (or shall I say swam away) with at least one if not several positive moments, and as always a load of  technical ‘to-dos’ to add to training.

2018 Masters Swimming Ontario (MSO) Provincial Championships

MSO Provincial Champions
Podium Positions
Personal Records

TOEST 2018 MSO Provincial Age Group Champs & Podiums

Aimee Grodski
100 & 200 BR
6 Podiums

Carolina Lleras
100 & 200 FLY
800 FR
6 Podiums

MJ Grodski
400 FR & 400 IM
200 FLY
4 Podiums

Andres Plazas
1 Podium

MSO Provincial Champs in Nepean were also the site for the Canadian Forces own Championships. As a result, the Saturday morning session opened with a Color Guard marching onto the Nepean Sportsplex pool deck followed by the Canadian anthem. It was an opportunity for all to appreciate the Canadian men & women who provide their country with military service. Thank you.

Milton Masters

Spring Splash, April 2018

That April decided to bring us an ice storm, which also gave the Sports Centre HVAC issues, with the lights going out as warm up was getting underway… no matter, 60 masters swimmer still turned out to make the Milton Masters Meet at least a Spring Splash indoors. The officials did their best to make heats competitive due to the number of scratches, making the meet fun yet still sufficiently competitive for those who wanted a race.  Congratulations to the Milton Masters Swim Team for putting on another great event.

Amongst TOESTees there were three who had never been before to a swim meet… ever! Lindsey, Pamela, and Yuliya swam events ranging from the 50BR to the 200 and 400FR and joined in on the fun in the 4x50FR relay. It didn’t end there with personal bests coming in for Aimee, Carolina and Patricia in both new and old events.

A great time with great times 🙂 Check out the ribbon haul! Thats a whole lotta 1st place ribbons… and that’s not all of them. Those are just the ones Serena grabbed on the way out.

That is a wrap for the indoor swimming season for 2017-2018. Its time to turn our attention to open water swimming events and triathlons. See y’all outdoors.

Ironman 70.3 Mont Tremblant

TOEST swimmer Yuliya competed this weekend in Mont Tremblant completing her second Ironman 70.3 triathlon. In just one year, Yuliya improved her 1.9km swim by almost a full 15mins, taking her 100m pace from 3:08 to 2:24/100m. The improvement didn’t stop there, across her bike and run splits Yuliya took another 25mins off her total time. Nicely done Yuliya. Click here for Yuliya’s results in Sportstats.

Yuliya worked throughout the winter months to develop her kick, and then worked to integrate it into her swim stroke… hmm… it would appear that kicking in the swim is critical to improving as a swimmer, AND doesn’t come at the cost of compromising the legs in the bike and the run.

So much for that old tale that triathletes need to “save the legs” in the swim.

C3 Caledon Quarry Swim I

Last year, it was just the 4 of us – Aimee, Mark, Serena, MJ – and this year there was… 12 of us! How awesome! As awesome, was that our goal of establishing a junior masters open water swim team was achieved with 5 junior athletes – one as young as 12 – joining in on the fun competing in either the 1km or 2km events. For 2 of the juniors… this was their first ever open water swim. Congratulations to our juniors and of course to our masters athletes who competed in  the 1km, 2km and 4km events. Thankfully the weather held out, there was a little drizzle which seems par for the course this year when competing but we are most thankful that lightning never struck allowing the event to go on without delay. Post event burgers from the Kitchen [in Mono Mills, link here] were amazing. Results are on the TOETT.ca 2018 Results webpage (click here to link).

Canaqua Welland Open Water Swim
1000m, 2500m, 5000m & 10,000m

Could not have asked for a more beautiful day… sunny blue skies, warm & humid temperatures, with the Welland Canal water temperature hovering around 76 degrees… it was outstanding! TOE athletes came out and competed in all events except the 10,000m swim. The crew in the 1000m event are all in the picture below, Lindsey tackled the 2500m event, and MJ swam the 5000m.  The 1000m event was run differently this year with athletes walking down the canal bank and starting 1000m from the finish line resulting in a drag race straight down the lanes used by the canoe & kayak events at this the Welland International Flatwater Centre. TOE athletes took all 3 podium spots in the ladies 1000m, with Carolina 1st, Serena 2nd and Lilja 3rd. Patricia came in 5th overall also taking took 1st in her age category. The men had Mark come in 2nd overall, Juan, Gabe & Anthony coming in 6th, 7th and 8th. Both of our masters men – Tom & Andres – took 3mins off their 1000m open water times (besting their times from Caledon). Tom isn’t currently in the results, but an email to ChipTime will hopefully resolve that error. All in all… outstanding performances for all with yet another athlete – Anthony – completing his first ever open water swim.  Congratulations y’all.

As for MJ in the 5000m event, well… let’s just say the event ended up not being 5000m, but a 6000+m event.  On the 1st lap… after going under the bridge, and knowing the course from prior years it was strange not to see the buoy. Having had to stop and do breaststroke to literally find where on earth the buoy was, I saw swimmers returning from beyond the second bridge. Nah.. I thought to myself, the buoy cannot be that far, the course map indicated the buoys are just after the first bridge. But in the distance, there was the buoy… not just at the second bridge but beyond it. Off I swam. It wasn’t until lap 2 when looking for that same buoy that I saw it being pulled behind one of the rescue/safety boats. The staff yelled from the boat that it floated away, not to worry about chasing the boat to round the buoy and told me instead to head for the second turnaround buoy. Its one thing for a bike or run course to be a bit long… but for an open water swim to end up being over a 1000m longer… all I can say is thank goodness for my training that offered me the opportunity to complete the course, and do so with a bit of a final kick.

Thankfully for the 2500m event, the buoy was firmly secured in place. Managed to get some snapshots of Lindsey finishing up in the final 100m of the 2500m event and then reaching for the timing mat on the floating dock to stop the clock with her time. Sweet technique Lindsey, now add turnover and away you will go!

Canaqua Welland Open Water 5km Relay Swim

Aimee and Carolina formed a tag team to swim in the inaugural Canaqua Open Water 5k Relay Swim which was held at the Welland International Flatwater Centre (WIFC). Despite the water temperature being 22 deg, with the wind and the coolness provided by the cloudy skies, wetsuits were worn by almost all the competitors.  Alongside the 5k relay swimmers, others opted for either the 5k, 10k or 15k marathon swims.

Aimee shared that the course layout changed from the August Canaqua swim with swimmers started at the west side of the canal, crossing over first to the east side turning around a triple buoy before making their way up to the bridge at Ontario St. With the addition of the cross canal portion, swimmers didn’t have to venture under the bridge as the buoys could be placed before. This had little impact on sighting as the underwater lane ropes used to secure the lane markers for canoe & kayak events held at the WIFC offer swimmers a line to follow no different than the black line at the bottom of their training pool. Aimee completed her 2.5k swim in just over 40mins, touching the dock allowing Carolina to push off for the second leg. Carolina finished just around 38mins.

With this being the first year for a Relay event, there were a total of 3 teams in the event. Perhaps next year, the thought of doing an open water swim with a teammate will entice a few more to head down to Welland. We also hope that reading the posts in our Performance News section will encourage those who are considering sticking stick a toe in to test the waters, decide to jump in and go all-in by joining us for any one of the open water swims we compete at as a team. Hope to see you in 2019.