Swimming Equipment (i.e. fins, snorkels, kickboards) are investment pieces used by all levels of competitive age group, masters swimmers and triathletes. All TOEST & jTOEST athletes need at a minimum competitive swimming fins (not scuba fins) and an in-line snorkel (not a scuba snorkel). Athletes at the Sport & Performance levels will also use in training pull buoys, paddles, and an alignment kickboard is also recommended.


Because so many swimmers have had issues with goggles… we created this webpage (click here to link) specifically for swimmers & their parents to help them pick out properly fitting goggles. The value of taking the time to find properly fitted goggles cannot be overstated. Swimmers will swim more, and fidget with goggles far less making the lesson and the learning experience that much more valuable and more importantly enjoyable.

Swim Caps

Athletes in Sport & Performance programs receive a 10gram silicone TOEST swim cap.

Extra/replacement swim caps are available for $20.

Payment options: cash or PayPal

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