Swim Training Equipment

Swimming equipment (i.e. fins, snorkels, kickboards) are investment pieces used by all levels of swimmers and triathletes. To begin, competitive swimming fins (not snorkeling or scuba fins) are a must. Swim fins make up for a limited range of motion in ankles, knees,  hips and lower backs in masters athletes. Equally, swim fins allow for swimmers of all ages to feel the amount of power that performance level swimmers are able to generate from their kick as a result of their flexibility and core strength. Those athletes with limited range in their neck are also encouraged to obtain an in-line snorkel (not a scuba snorkel) to be comfortable kicking with a kickboard. Kickboards are not required as there is a number available at the pool; however if you would like your own then by all means.

When appropriate, athletes who have progressed in their skill level will be encouraged to obtain paddles and pull buoys.

Swimming equipment is widely available online as well in local Burlington retailers (e.g. Team Aquatic, Sportchek, MEC).


Because so many swimmers have had issues with goggles, we created this webpage (click here to link) specifically for swimmers to help them pick out properly fitting goggles. The value of taking the time to find properly fitted goggles cannot be overstated. Swimmers will swim more, and fidget with goggles far less making the learning experience that much more valuable and more importantly enjoyable.

For those who are interested in investing in a custom set of goggles you may want to explore the goggles available from TheMagic5 (click to link to their webpage). As seen on the TV series “Shark Tank”, TheMagic5 provides custom built goggles built by using their app to perform your own facial scan using your smartphone camera.

Questions? Contact aimee@toest.ca