Racing Suits for U12 Athletes

Awhile back I wrote a post commenting on parents & their young athletes standing in line to buy 'racing suits' at a local swim store and questioning the entire point of it all? Young [...]

Lifetime Bans

Click here to link to the full article at runningmagazine.ca Why should only coaches be given lifetime bans for being found to have mistreated or abused athletes? Why are PSO (Provincial Sport [...]

The Culture at SO & SNC

I've written repeatedly about the mistreatment (verging on psychological abuse) of Canadian Olympian Sinead Russell while at the 2012 London Olympics, but this is not the full extent of athlete mistreatment and abuse that [...]

The Cycle & Culture of Abuse in Sport [3]

What must exist between all athletes & their coaches is the buffer of a clearly defined training & racing methodology. Sounds simple, right? Sounds like something that all coaches have or must have if [...]

The Cycle & Culture of Abuse in Sport [2]

It all starts with ‘good intentions’…  but when there isn't an appropriate arrangement to the athlete <> coach <> sport association set of relationships, all the good intentions in the world are worth nothing. [...]

The Cycle & Culture of Abuse in Sport [1]

It all starts with 'good intentions'... At the outset these intentions may be wholesome: e.g. become a great athlete, coach athletes to their greatness, or in the case of sport organizations to assist athletes [...]

Is SDRCC Being Rigged?

The following email was sent to the Executive Director of the Sports Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC) in hopes of helping athletes, parents of athletes and coaches who have a complaint against a [...]

Let’s Cut The Crap

If you have been associated with the sport of swimming and live in Southern Ontario, or better yet Burlington or Oakville then you are likely familiar with the now decade long obsession Swim Ontario [...]

SNC’s Reputation vs Athlete Safety

After completing my discussions with SNC's now clearly identified contractor - aka Safe Sport Officer - I received a letter from the CEO of SNC. An excerpt from the letter is below... [...]

SNC & Its Safe Sport Officer

In light of the growing number of athletes coming forth... (a) runner Mary Cain (along with others) regarding the abuse sustained by top international coach Alberto Salazar, and the subsequent dissolution by Nike Inc [...]

RBC Training Ground

Click on either image to enlarge Its a popular tactic of coaches: find an eager and enthusiastic child who is indeed developing and 'sell' to the parents that greater and [...]

No Way Around 10,000 Hours

The Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model applies not only to youth age group athletes, the model applies equally to masters athletes... Notice in the Swimming Natation Canada LTAD the line [...]

Starting Younger Doesn’t Make You Better

Click banner to link to full article An important distinction has to be made... what exactly does it mean starting younger doesn't make you better? Did the study mean to [...]

There Are No 9yr Old Elite Athletes

A must read for athletes, coaches and parents of young athletes... I understand that the research article from the Journal of Sport Science & Medicine and posted at the US National [...]

The Olympian Experience

Why did we name our teams: The Olympian Experience? Are we obsessed with athletes attending the Olympics, Olympic Trials, Worlds, Nationals or even Provincial level competitions? Absolutely not. Seriously then, why would [...]

Effect of Competition

From:  The Journal of Social Psychology  Volume 126, 1986 - Issue 5 From the abstract of this article: Children were placed in one of two study groups: the first group was [...]

How Do We Know

How do we know that OAK has a coach who screams so forcefully at swimmers, that parents in the stands sometimes are made to cringe? How do we know that BAD has a 'no [...]

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