Having posted an excerpt from the letter from the CEO of Swimming Natation Canada (SNC) in a prior blog and without a single communication (aka threat) coming back despite previous threats that the blog is being monitored, perhaps SNC is realizing that the manner in which it conducts business and has conducted business is inappropriate and has realized that exerting self restraint is required (LOL… yeah right).

Hoping that SNC will wake up to the fact that the hyper-competitive environment it has created is now yielding consequences which are way out of control – even out of SNC’s control despite its attempts to pretend that it maintains a tight fist of authority over the sport – so I’ve decided to post the email that led to the blog titled Ritalin: a PED.

Here is the email that started the discussion… and more importantly the evidence that (a) there was no fabrication of facts, (b) there was effort made to confirm the facts, and (c) there are numerous individuals “in the know” including a coach or perhaps … is it many coaches?

So, SNC… now that the email reveals at least ‘a’ coach being in the know what are you gonna do?  Guess its time to start another witch-hunt… eh? And with that, swim coaches you all better watch out. Cause you all know SNC’s modus operandi: even if you have done nothing wrong, if you are considered to have damaged or simply are considered at risk of damaging SNC’s reputation then you will be banished from the sport of swimming for life.

What about athlete safety you ask?  Well the CEO stated their position on what is of utmost importance to SNC for all to hear in their letter trying to intimidate and threaten me into silence.