The following email was sent to the Executive Director of the Sports Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC) in hopes of helping athletes, parents of athletes and coaches who have a complaint against a PSO or NSO, have a greater chance of an actual fair opportunity to have their complaint resolved.

PSOs (Provincial Sport Organizations) and NSOs (National Sport Organizations) being familiar with the SDRCC process as a result of having to deal with complaints in the past start the process already with the odds stacked in their favour. Add on that most PSOs & NSOs have at their disposal legal counsel who is equally familiar with the SDRCC process and it makes walking into the complaint process as stacked as walking into a Las Vegas casino.

But what if PSOs and NSOs are ‘rigging’ the system to stack the odds even further to their side? Which is the thought I had, and the thought I shared with the ED of the SDRCC.

Which begs the question… why would a PSO or NSO work the system to attempt to derail even the smallest and slightest complaint coming against their organizations? When organizational reputation matters more than athlete well-being that’s when!