After completing my discussions with SNC’s now clearly identified contractor – aka Safe Sport Officer – I received a letter from the CEO of SNC. An excerpt from the letter is below…

First, of all I never agreed or signed any confidential or NDA (non discloure agreement) so I am not sure where SNC’s CEO all of a sudden felt authorized to hold my end of the discussion to be confidential. Second, lets be clear as to what is a defamatory statement; from Google…

Since SNC’s own Safe Sport Officer confirmed that the Untold Story of a Canadian Olympian did indeed occur along with the ‘culture’ that allowed it to happen, therefore… where is the need to fabricate when the facts have been verified and by non-other than an “independent investigator”.

Which brings us to the actual point of the CEO’s letter: what is not important is the well-being of athletes because if it was then the CEO and more importantly the Safe Sport Officer would have used the opportunity of the letter to state how they are moving swiftly to initiate an investigation into the mis-treatment of Sinead Russell, and into the ‘culture’ that held the entire National Team representing Canada at the 2012 London Olympics so threatened that they had to hide messages of support for Sinead.

Instead the CEO of SNC clearly identifies the one and only priority… the reputation of SNC et al.

What an amazing statement of honesty from SNC’s CEO: athlete well-being is irrelevant all that matters is the reputation of Swimming Natation Canada, Swim Ontario and everyone else at the top of the pyramid; the corollary is that the well-being of athletes… well, that’s secondary, if it matters at all.

Another point is that the Safe Sport Officer stated that the culture that existed in 2012 is in the past… really… then what exactly is the culture that is in place today at Swimming Canada when the CEO instead of reacting appropriately to information regarding the mistreatment of an athlete, an Olympian at the Olympics no less, turns to intimidation?

What would one call this culture?

Let me finish by asking a couple of question:

First, of all 2012 National Team members… is this how you were treated? Told that if you speak up especially to identify acts of mistreatment of fellow athletes that you would be in trouble? Well, that is a lie. Your teammates past, present and future need your support, if they are going unheard, then they need you to speak up.

Second, of the Board of Swimming Natation Canada… what is the appropriate response considering the new mandates from the Government of Canada regarding the well-being of athletes, as in the existence of a mistreatment free, discrimination free, and abuse free environment when SNC’s contracted Safe Sport Officer confirms mistreatment of a Canadian swimmer and a culture that permitted mistreatment?

The letter from the CEO of SNC effectively telling me to keep my mouth shut will be forwarded to Aquatics Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee. We shall see if all this Safe Sport talk is real or just another distract and deflect strategy to pretend that the well-being of Canadian athletes actually matters.