Why did we name our teams: The Olympian Experience?

Are we obsessed with athletes attending the Olympics, Olympic Trials, Worlds, Nationals or even Provincial level competitions?

Absolutely not.

Seriously then, why would you name a team ‘The Olympian Experience’ if those aren’t the end goals?


We believe the true definition of a champion is one who pursues process: consistent daily mindful repetition where the goals are not outcomes but striving to achieve mastery of body and mind with competitions used only to measure of how far the athlete has come relative to their own starting point.

We believe the true character of a champion is built upon respect: they respect the skill level required to be a champion, they respect the skill level they have today, and they respect the process that it takes and will take for them to acquire skill, to become skillful, to become masterful.

We believe skill acquisition, refinement and repeated practice to execute under increasingly stressful conditions creates a champion.

We believe champions arise from a desire to discover the highest version of themselves, not from the pursuit of podiums, medals or titles.

We believe champions do not concern themselves with the outcomes of competition because they know that all their victories are laid ahead of them simply awaiting their arrival; their victories can not be withheld or denied by anyone or anything except themselves.

We do not believe in effort based performances because ‘trying harder, and harder still’ yields nothing but short term spikes in results eventually breaking athletes physically, mentally, emotionally or all of the above due to burn out, blow up or melt down.

We believe that ‘The Olympian Experience’ is found in the daily routine of champions, not when an athlete parades into the stadium of the Olympic Games.

We believe champions become champions long before they receive any recognition, any accolade, any award.

We believe champions seek to win daily in the solitude of their own training and that is why they arise to become consistent peak performers in sport, and more importantly in life.

We believe a champion can be satisfied with the knowledge of how far they have come, because they know… there is no finish line.

Champions are never done winning so how can there be a finish line?