To Bridgette and the MSO Board, congratulations!  You stood strong against the demand to submit to Masters Swimming Canada (MSC), to Swimming Canada (SNC), to Swim Ontario (SO) and to its masters committee headed by Dan Thompson knowing that in so doing would be to hand over masters swimmers in Ontario to SNC and in time would spell the end of MSO. As a result of standing strong only in Ontario do masters swimmers have an independent body representing them. All masters swimmers, clubs and coaches owe you a debt of gratitude for the effort and energy you have put in to make masters swimming amazing.

Thank you

As for the Board of Masters Swimming Canada (MSC)… honestly, the open letter to masters requires one to question the cumulative IQ of the lot of you. In Sun-Tzu’s Art of War, knowledge of thy opponent is critical to any type of success. Your failure to understand SNC demonstrates why MSO and masters swimmers lost confidence in MSC.

Anyone with any insight into SNC could see that this would happen, and now because you failed in the agenda given to you by SNC to convince all masters to submit to you, you have proven yourselves useless, and being useless what else is SNC to do but kick you to the curb as quickly as possible.

The MSO Board knew what submitting to you, to SNC, to SO would result in. The MSO Board stood for masters swimmers knowing, whereas the bunch of sell outs on the MSC Board… couldn’t see it for what it was.

As for SNC… if anyone ever again gets sold on their desire to “collaborate”, “cooperate”, blah blah bullshit…, then you might as well join the MSC Board. If SNC dumps the organization that has represented masters for 40years, then what respect is there for masters by anyone at SNC? None! So why would masters want to be part of them? Again, thank you MSO!

But it doesn’t end there, if being delisted by SNC wasn’t proof enough of your utility you had to go and demonstrate what a bunch of brown-nosers you are! Who in their right mind in the midst of divorce proceedings (i.e. SNC divorcing MSC) asks for the courts to force the other spouse to “fall back in love” and force the relationship together.

Its a divorce… you’ve been dumped! Move on, don’t ask to move back in!

Your final stand is asking the Minister of Sport to make SNC love you again?

What’s wrong with the lot of you?

All of you should step down, move aside, allow some free fresh thinkers on board who will pursue masters swimmers having a direct link to Aquatics Canada, leading and governing ourselves.