“Membership Growth” via Hostile Takeovers – OFSAA

OFSAA represents 10,000+ high school students and runs numerous meets across Ontario every year culminating in High School Swimming Provincials.

Desperate for membership, desperate for “growth” statistics, desperate for finances thus desperate for new grants from the Government of Ontario, Swim Ontario set its sights on partnering (i.e. diplomatic code for “attempted coup” in Swim Ontario lingo) with OFSAA.

Swim Ontario gave OFSAA an ultimatum… either you submit to our policies and procedures, submit to our fees and our registration processes, or you will be excommunicated from swimming, you will be exhiled from the sport of swimming in Ontario.

OFSAA stood its ground realizing that Swim Ontario needs it more than OFSAA needs Swim Ontario, and realized that it can run and will continue to run with or without Swim Ontario. The outcome of OFSAA’s unwillingness to yield to being taken over by Swim Ontario: Swim Ontario cut OFSAA off from being recognized as a swim body in Ontario and provided this tidy little memo to conclude the so called negotiations:

OFSAA is no longer recognized as a swim organization in Ontario. High school athletes who set any provincial or national records at OFSAA swim meets… well… they don’t.  Their effort, their training, their racing, their records – according to Swim Ontario and Swimming Natation Canada – do not exist, because they did not happen, because according to SNC and SO, OFSAA does not exist, OFSAA athletes do not exist.

Think about that.

Is it really any wonder why the sport of swimming fails to grow?

With SNC and SO heavily invested into hostile takeovers and “growing” the sport by monopolizing, terrorizing, and dictating is it truly any wonder why the sport is not thriving (despite SNC & SO claims to the opposite)?

If only it ended there.

It didn’t and it doesn’t.

Its only the tip of an iceberg.

This is the state of swimming in Canada, in Ontario.

This is how the leaders of SNC & SO lead.