Markham Pan Am Pool – site of the 2017 Ontario Masters Swimming Championships

TOEST Ontario Swimming Champions:

Patti 1500m FR 1st 45-49 age category
Carolina 100 FLY 1st 45-49 age category
Rory Walker 50 FLY 1st 40-44 age category

TOEST Women placed 15th out of 51 teams
Scoring 320 points, finishing just 2 points behind 14th place (SOO)

Friday night

  • Events:  400 IM, 50 FR, 1500 FR
  • Kate swam 36.16 in the 50FR scoring 9points for TOEST
  • Rory used the 50 FR to swim 50 FLY, doing so in a time of 27.61, off his lifetime personal best, nonetheless he did set both an age group best and a seasons best (best time ever @Provincials)
  • Patti placed 1st, winning her age category with a 1500 time of 22:22.82 (also a personal best) also scored 20points for TOEST
  • Tanya at her first masters swim meet swam the 1500 finishing in a time of 29:00 adding another 14points for the team
  • With a time of 23:48 Aimee placed 2nd in her age category for the 1500, scoring 17points

Thank you to Rob who came out to help the team by lap counting for both Patti & Tanya during the 1500

Saturday morning

  • Events: 100 FR, 50 BK, 200 FLY, 100 IM, 4 x 100 FR Relay
  • With the all time favorites of the 100FR and 100IM dominating the morning, Rory and the TOEST ladies went back to work
  • Rory cruised the 100FR in a time of 59.25 to finish off his meet with a feel good effort and event… just realized that that time was a lifetime personal best (not bad for cruisin’)
  • Patricia swam a personal best in the 100FR with a time of 1:41.10, and to make sure it was official swam 1:41 again in the 4x100FR relay
  • That wasn’t enough for Patricia… she also gave the 100IM a shot despite just getting to learn the butterfly stroke setting a time of 2:06.80
  • Carolina with a brilliant even split in the 100FR finished with a time of 1:14.41, and anchored the FR relay with another 100FR just 1sec off her earlier time
  • With a time just 0.05secs off last years 100FR time, Kate pulled in at 1:28.9 for the 100FR and set an age group best of 1:44.79 for the 100IM
  • Our 4 ladies teamed up for the 4×100 FR relay placing 6th with a time of 5:42.05

Saturday afternoon

  • Events: 100 BK, 50 FLY, 200 BR, 4×50 Medley Relay, 800 FR
  • Kate set an age group best in the 50 FLY improving on the time she swam earlier this year at the BMSC Winter Splash dropping almost 2 secs, to 46.55
  • Carolina with her fluid stroke finished the 50 FLY in 36.90 feeling fresh
  • Aimee closed out the day with a personal best in the 200BR, dropping 3secs off the time she swam also at the BMSC meet finishing in 3:30.31
  • At the end of todays session the TOEST Women ranked 21st out of 51 teams. Nice work ladies!

Sunday morning

  • Events: 400 FR, 100 BR, 200 IM, 4 x 100 Medley Relay
  • Kate paced her 100 BR to an age group best of 1:43.98, less than a second off lifetime bests, and went on to take another 2secs off her 100FR by swimming 1:26.56 as anchor of the Medley Relay
  • Book ending her 400 FR with 2 x 100s @ 1:23, Carolina took 2nd place in her age category with a time of 5:41, then used the Medley Relay to warm up her FLY stroke cruising in at 1:25.62
  • Patricia blew past the 2min wall in the 100BR and improved by 9secs in the 100 BR from a year ago at this exact same meet coming in with a time of 1:54.49

Sunday afternoon

  • Events: 200 FR, 100 FLY, 200 BK, 50 BR, 4 x 50 FR Relay
  • Kate set an age group best in the 50 BR with a time of 46.11
  • Carolina used the 200 FR (2:46.69) as a warm up for the 100 FLY in which she took 1st place in her age category with a time of 1:19.39
  • Aimee continued her streak of personal bests improving in all events on Sunday from the 100BR in the morning session, to the 200FR and 50BR in the afternoon session
  • Patricia enjoyed her 200FR with a well paced middle that allowed her to come back in the final 50 with a split 4secs faster than her middle two 50s, finishing in 3:46.82