Ryan Lochte @ US National Championships 2009

Masters Swimming Myth #2, featuring Ryan Lochte

Myth – Kicking generates next to no propulsion, serves only to fatigue the athlete, so kick sets and training to develop the kick stroke is pointless, with the time spent better off invested into developing the pull.

Fact is…

US swimmer Ryan Lochte who is a 6 time Olympic gold medalist can kick 50 short course yards underwater on his back using the dolphin kick in 20.8 seconds. Converted to short course meters that works out to approximately 22.28 seconds. To put that in perspective, the 2016 Canadian Olympic Trials cut for the 50m free was 24.09, and in Rio, the 50m FR event was won in a time of 21.40 secs.

What if you developed your kick?  What if you trained to develop the capacity to be able to sustain a kick that would position you in the water so that your pull was that much more effective, and your stroke that much more efficient?