research-start-timesWith TOEST having a dryland training session this past Saturday at the Robert Bateman High School track to help athletes train their dive starts, I thought it would be worth posting this link to an University of Western Ontario study comparing the results of the grab start to the track start.

If you are a swimmer still starting your events using the older grab start, you may want to review this study to see whether you should consider adding the track start to your skill set.

Here is the link to the blog post at The Athletes Cloud which includes two Youtube videos: a swimming dive track start and a track and field track start which demonstrates the similarity in the starts, thus the value in the dryland training.

Here is the link the the UWO research paper. In addition to the results which should interest any swimmer seeking a personal best, especially those who compete in sprint events; the paper offers background info and images of both start types for those looking to learn or increase their appreciation of the nuances of competitive swimming.

Our team dive start training continues tonight at the pool where we will be working on taking the training on the track and applying it to swim starts.

For those interested in learning to dive start, TOEST is offering a 2 day learn to dive program in December.. here’s the link. You do not need to be a competitive swimmer to participate nor do you need prior dive start experience to benefit.  The program is designed for both new and experienced swimmers, but it is not appropriate for those still learning the basics of swimming.