us_marines_butterfly_strokeMasters Swimming Myth #1

Myth – All masters swimmers know how to swim butterfly, and swim the butterfly stroke at every possible opportunity.

Fact is…

Many masters swimmer do know how to swim butterfly and enjoy swimming FLY, but that doesn’t apply to all masters swimmers.

A coach who is attentive and aware of their athletes stroke skill level and conditioning will provide alternatives and options to athletes who may have not mastered the full butterfly stroke, or who have no intention of ever mastering it. A coach who cares about their athletes, wants their athletes to improve and succeed, not drown in disappointment and frustration. No caring coach forces athletes to swim at a level which far exceeds their abilities. What would be the point in that?

Did you know…

That for masters there is a variation of the butterfly stroke that makes it easier to swim.  In fact, the variation of the butterfly stroke is FINA approved, is exclusive to masters swimmers and is permitted in competition! A masters swimmer can even alternate between the stroke variations during a single event.

Curious what’s the variation… come on out and we’ll show you.  Better yet, we’ll teach you how to swim FLY in a way that you may even enjoy it (shocking, I know!).

As a coach, teaching swimmers the butterfly stroke is one of the most rewarding experiences because so many masters dread the stroke, fear the stroke, will negotiate to swim anything but the stroke.  So to teach an athlete – masters or age group – who would never have imagined that they could swim a single length to swim length after length of FLY, always results in the most amazing responses. The outcome… these athletes often go on to sign themselves up to compete in butterfly events at meets, and with so few masters competing in the 50, 100, and 200m Butterfly events, they often end up placing if not winning their age group outright, no matter how long it took them to swim the distance!

Don’t let swimming myths hold you back from dippin’ in your toe, or jumpin’ right in with us at the pool.  We love swimming and we want to share our love of swimming with you.  Give us a try.  There is the option to sign up for just one session, but we won’t make any promises that we will be swimming butterfly on that day. You may have to stick around a bit longer for that.