Almost 30 years ago… Aimee (Team Manager) and Mark (Head Coach) met on a neighbourhood community centre swim team (we were 13 and 14).  It was love at first sight (Aimee was head over heels for Mark, hey, I’m writing this post so I get to take some liberties), just kidding, it was mutual.  Today, its love at every encounter.

Aimee & Mark

Ever since we met we have shared our enjoyment and excitement for moving, for being active.  No matter whether it was rollerblading from High Park out to the Beaches (the selfie is from one of our rollerblading dates, pre-smartphone!), swimming, hiking, running, road biking, mountain biking, playing tennis, badminton, alpine skiing, or skating,… just the two of us, or as a family now with our two kids, moving and movement has been an unifying aspect of our life, now our family life.

We believe that sport is not only for health and wellness, but it is a tool that allows us to explore our potential, in sport, and beyond… transferable out to “real” life.  A dynamic body leads to a dynamic curious mind, to a spirit which flows with energy, with vitality. A static rigid inelastic body serves as a literal as well as a metaphorical drag on life: its draining, depleting, debilitating.

The goal for ourselves is to continue to explore, discover, and pursue our potential. Now we believe we have the opportunity to expand that pursuit by creating a team of like minded, eager, excited, enthusiastic athletes who want to encourage each other towards their individual goals.

Will you dip a ‘TOE’ in and join us?