Swim 2 Beat — Skill & Technique Training Sessions

The swim instruction & training sessions run weekly on Sundays @ 7pm or 8pm and are designed for any level of swimmer. Interested in learning how to swim in the comfort of a warm 4ft deep pool (i.e. no deep end)? Then here is your opportunity to do so in a private or semi private setting. Come learn how to swim proper freestyle and avoid the effortful survival way of swimming called ‘front crawl’ taught by all other learn-to-swim programs.

Already a master of 2 Beat FR. No problem, there are 6 other Freestyle beats to learn, the equivalent patterns in Backstroke and don’t forget the short axis strokes. There is loads to learn, loads to master even for the experienced swimmer. Scroll to the bottom of this webpage to find the link to our equipment webpage for required training tools. Swimmers are welcome to register for a single month, or continue month after month; whatever meets their needs.

STEP 1 – Register

Complete the form by clicking on the ‘Sign Up Now’ button

STEP 2 : Pay by eTransfer

etransfer email: aimee@toest.ca

$195 / month – Private

$145 / month – Semi Private (each x2)

$125 / month – Small Group (each x3 or x4)

Cedar Springs Members discount = $15 off month

Registration is complete and your spot reserved once payment is received

General Information

Refund Policy:  TOEST DOES NOT provide refunds. With programs focused on quality, on learning, on athlete’s making significant progress, hi athlete turnover rate would compromise coaching and the experience of all athletes. We ask that prior to registering that all commitments, calendars, etc… are reviewed to avoid joining when the risk is that the athlete will miss many sessions and/or the athlete will have to drop out. Once an athlete registers, they have a reserved spot in a lane for the entire duration of the program.