Thanks to everyone who took lessons, learnt to swim, trained and competed as a TOEST athlete. We had a great time coaching the team, and a great time training and racing alongside of y’all. It wasn’t an easy decision but we’ve decided to bring it all to an end.

We wish you all the best. Happy New Year 2023!

We don’t teach you how to swim.

We teach you how to connect with water.

Once connected, swimming becomes easy.


Prior to the pandemic, TOEST was a 20+ member swim team. As a team, we had great times and we swam great times with every TOESTee setting at least one personal best. Our story and the story of our athletes is recorded on our ‘Results’ pages in the main menu.

With the pandemic we had to pivot to a new format of multiple smaller group sessions. What hasn’t changed is what we’ve always done: teaching how to connect with water so any time spent in water is enjoyable beyond belief. Come join us for some fun.

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