Private & Semi Private Swim Instruction & Swim Training
Sundays with session start times @ 7pm or 8pm
@Cedar Springs Sportsclub, Burlington

Our swim skill & technique sessions are private, or semi private with a maximum of 3 athletes in the pool ensuring an abundance of 1:1 coaching. Registration is by the month, so there are no long term commitments. Our program is for anyone who simply enjoys swimming and wants to enjoy it more, as well as swimmers and triathletes who want to take their swimming to the next level. Membership to Cedar Springs is not required, but a discount will be available to members.

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Front Crawl is not Freestyle

If you find swimming hard or if you are failing to make consistent progress as a swimmer (competitive or triathlete), then its likely that you are trying to force speed from ‘front crawl’. That doesn’t work. What does work is learning how to swim freestyle; that starts with learning 2 beat freestyle technique. There is only one swim program teaching 2 beat freestyle technique: TOEST for masters and jTOEST for juniors. Come join us! To learn more about the difference between front crawl and freestyle swimming techniques, click on “Swim 2 Beat” from the Main Menu

“See first with your mind,

then with your eyes,

and finally with your body.”

• Yagyu Munenori •


Prior to the Covid19 pandemic, TOEST was a 20+ member swim team with pool time at City of Burlington (CoB) pools. As a team, we had great times, and posted great times with every TOESTee setting personal bests across swim events both old and new. Our team story and the story of our athletes is recorded on our results pages found in the main menu.

Post pandemic we have had to pivot. With our pool time now at Cedar Springs, we are switching to what we have always done exceptionally well: teach performance level swim technique for all the competitive strokes, teach athletes how to train healthy, and teach both in pool and open water tactics and strategies for competition. Interested in taking your swimming to the next level for your next masters meet, next triathlon or swim-run event, then we can help you perform at the next level. Contact us for more information.

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