2017/18 Season Extension into June

The 2017/18 season that everyone registered was set to end in May (like last year) with June, July, and August being our Summer Swimming Program.  Due to booking changes with the City of Burlington, this year will mark a transition where June becomes part of the Winter Season, and our Summer Swimming Season will be July and August.

For the 2018/19 season, June will be added and program fees will reflect 10 months of swimming vs the 9 this year.

For those interested in continuing on into June, no need to re-register all we need is payment to confirm your intent. Training days will not change for those already swimming on Fri, Sun, and/or Mon. Those swimming on Tuesdays evenings and Wednesday mornings who would like to continue in June, please contact aimee@toest.ca and let her know of your interest and we will accommodate your request if space allows.

Overall, training times and pools stay the same; however, there are changes towards the end of June… please check the calendar.

PAYMENT via e-transfer

etransfer Name: TOEST
etransfer Email: aimee@toest.ca


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1x per week($75)

2x per week($105)

3x per week($135)

REFUND POLICY: Prior to any program filling up or 2 weeks prior to the start of a program which is not full, TOEST will provide a full refund.

Otherwise, TOEST does not provide refunds because programs are capped in size, and once an athlete registers that spot is no longer available.