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2018-2019 Season Results

Guelph Marlin Masters Aquatic Club
Fast & Furious Swim Meet @GuelphU

Our team ventured up Hwy6 to GuelphU to compete at the first annual Fast & Furious meet (replacing EOMACs Semi-Serious meet that ran successfully for many years) put on by the Guelph Marlin Masters team who were hosting their first ever swim meet.

With the Fast & Furious meet featuring 25m events for all four strokes, the meet was the ideal event for all TOESTees who had never participated in a swim meet.  Three TOESTees who had never competed – ever – at a meet signed up swimming 25m and 50m events. Congratulations to Leslie, Kelly and Gladys. Well done! Now you have times in several events to train towards improving, and most importantly you got your first meet done… now you know what to expect. From here on out, meets will become less and less of a stress allowing you to focus on delivering finer and finer efforts in the pool.

The team looks forward to all of you joining in more fun by jumping onto relays at future meets.

It cannot go unmentioned, that Gladys although a swim official and many times on deck at swim meets when her daughter Carolina was swimming as an age grouper back in Venezuela… never herself learnt how to swim. So, with encouragement from her daughter, Gladys at the age of 74 decided to sign up for our Learn2Swim program, and… well, she hasn’t stopped. Training both in the pool and in dryland, Gladys has put in the consistent training to feel ready to compete. She swam in the 25m FR and the 50m BK events at the meet. Scared of coming last in her events, Gladys was met with a round of applause from all the athletes at the meet at the completion of her 50m BK. Sometimes its not bad being last… especially when your peers appreciate and show their respect for the effort you made to train and prepare, dare to register and then swim at a masters swim meet. Way to go Gladys!

Next up for the team… The Gators Pentathlon in December, and then the Alderwood Teddy Bares SC Yards meet in January.

With warm up starting shortly we sat down for a team pic but unfortunately missed Leslie… next time.

 ** NEW PBs **

Tanya 43.71 – 50FR

Tanya 1:42.20 – 100FR

Carolina 44.21 – 50BR

Andres 45.52 – 50FR

Tom 49.28 – 50FR