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TOEST is for athletes who want to develop in their technique, improve in their efficiency, train in an healthy manner, and most of all want to have fun. The Sport2Perf training level is for athletes – both swimmers and triathletes – who have had prior age group swim club, masters swim club, or triathlon swim training experience. The training season is designed around the indoor short course season, building through the early season meets, peaking with Masters Provincial and/or Masters National Championships. Triathletes and open water swimmers will find that the winter session to be the ideal time to improve stroke mechanics, form, technique, and develop a wider and deeper base of aerobic conditioning, setting themselves up for the following triathlon/open water season.

New in 2017-2018: we are including as part of Sport2Perf, the Intro to Comp (Dive Starts) program. Over three (3) hour long training sessions, Intro to Comp deconstructs dive starts for all four (4) strokes and relay takeovers preparing athletes – especially sprinters – to make significant improvements when competing. Also, Dryland Training will be used to train dive starts out of the pool by using track & field block start training (same training that 100m, 200, and 400m track athletes use to be explosive right from the starters gun).

Training Dates & Times:

Training Options & Fees (JANUARY start):

  • 1x / week – $350 (all in)

  • 2x / week – $550 (all in)

  • 3x / week – $650 (all in)

  • 4x / week – $750 (all in)

  • 5x / week – $850 (all in)

Dryland: Click Here to link to the website for training dates/times, location & fees.


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1x/wk @ $350

2x/wk @ $550

3x/wk @ $650

4x/wk @ $750

5x/wk @ $850

REFUND POLICY: Prior to any program filling up or 2 weeks prior to the start of a program which is not full, TOEST will provide a full refund.

Otherwise, TOEST does not provide refunds because programs are capped in size, and once an athlete registers that spot is no longer available.