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KICK2START Training (Sept-May)

Designed for athletes who have gained the basics of Freestyle (FR) and Backstroke (BK) technique, want to continue learning and improving these strokes, and want to develop the aerobic capacity to swim continuously for longer distances (e.g. up to 800m as in Try-a-Tri & Sprint Triathlons) and beyond.

Kick2Start is designed for those athletes for whom the Sport2Perf level seems a bit much. We listened to our Learn2Swim (L2s) athletes who shared that there was a gap in skill level and in conditioning after taking the L2S program – sometimes after taking it a few times – with that of the Sport2Perf training level. Its a gap that they want to close, but close before joining that level of training. So, Kick2Start (formerly Intro1 Lane) was created.

In 2017-2018: Intro1 Lane changes its name to Kick2Start Program to reflect and communicate the coaching and training philosophy. Plus, we are including as part of Kick2Start, the Intro2 to Masters Swimming. Intro2 teaches across 5 sessions the basics of the Breaststroke (BR) and the Underwater Dolphin Kick (UDK). The UDK is used both in BR and Butterfly (FLY) strokes. For details on the changes, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Link to the ‘Equipment‘ webpage for a list of recommended training tool(s).

Training Dates & Times:

Training Options & Fees (JANUARY start):

  • 1x / week – $350 (all in)

  • 2x / week – $550 (all in)

  • 3x / week – $650 (all in)

  • 4x / week – $750 (all in)

Dryland: Click Here to link to the website for training dates/times, location & fees.


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1x/wk (payment of $350)

2x/wk (payment of $550)

3x/wk (payment of $650)

4x/wk (payment of $750)

REFUND POLICY: Prior to any program filling up or 2 weeks prior to the start of a program which is not full, TOEST will provide a full refund.

Otherwise, TOEST does not provide refunds because programs are capped in size, and once an athlete registers that spot is no longer available.