State of Swimming in Ontario [1]

Swim Ontario Board Conflict of Interest The President of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the US, Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald resigned last week as President over her personal financial investments in the stocks of tobacco and health care companies. The duplicity of being President of the CDC, a position which carries with [...]

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State of Swimming in Ontario

Protectionism via a Moratorium on New Swim Clubs Why doesn't Canada have 100,000+ members and why doesn't Ontario have 30,000+ members? This post provides an insight into the mindset of how the sport of swimming is being managed by Swimming Natation Canada (SNC) and by Swim Ontario (SO). For at least the [...]

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State of Swimming in Canada [3]

Swimming Natation Canada (SNC) boasts to having: 30,000 members How does that stack up to the other Commonwealth Nations that SNC likes to compare itself? ** If Canada had the same proportion of swimmers as the UK, then Swimming Canada would boast to having: 105,600 [...]

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State of Swimming in Canada [2]

Canadian Men @ 2016 Olympic Trials & Rio Olympics What has Swimming Canada done to the men's swimming program? Canada sent 7 men to Rio. Only 5 men qualified in individual events, the other 2 in relay events. That 2 of the 7 (30%) of Canada's Olympic men don't live and train [...]

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State of Swimming in Canada

The thread of blogs titled "State of Swimming" is addressed to parents of age group swimmers, to masters swimmers, to those who care about the sport of swimming. The purpose of these blogs is to shed light on the true state of swimming in our nation, because the state that we are sold by [...]

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“Hurt Yourself!”

“You should be in severe pain while training.“ “If you are not making the pace times, its your fault…” “You should be exhausted, totally exhausted at the end of each rep” “Hurt yourself!" My daughter joined her high school swim team to participate in some swim meets, to have some fun. Above is [...]

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Swimming Canada et al. vs Masters Swimming Ontario

Swimming Natation Canada (SNC) Strategic Plan, called Vision 2020 outlines its primary objective as follows: "Increase revenues by 50%, and do so by increasing membership by 66%." This vision statement sums up everything wrong with swimming, and organized sport in general today. With the focus of our sports federation turning to financial growth, [...]

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2016-2017 Season In Review

TOEST Provincial Masters Champs 2017 Athlete: Carolina Lleras Event: 100m FLY Time:  1:19.39 Cat: 45 - 49 Women Athlete: Patti Loney Event: 1500m FR Time:  22:22.82 Cat: 45 - 49 Women Athlete: Rory Walker Event: 50m FLY Time:  27.61 Cat:  40 - 44 Men [...]

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