Swimming Is Not Enough

So you joined a masters swim club, or maybe your tween or teen is swimming with a local age group swim club... and you figure that's enough exercise. Come'on, I'm swimming or my kid [...]

When Is It Too Many?

Imagine... walking into your childs elementary school classroom and... instead of 18, 20 or 24 children in the class there was almost 3x as many children. Imagine a classroom, imagine the noise, imagine the [...]

Can Your Coach, Coach?

Can your coach, actually coach?  Ask athletes or parents of athletes on swim teams and you will be met with a quizzical expression implying 'why wouldn't they be able to coach... they are the [...]

Freestyle StrokeS

There is specific intent to the title having the word 'stroke' pluralized to 'strokes': because there is no one single solitary technique that is Freestyle. Many swimmers and swim coaches seem to be under [...]

Front Crawl ≠ Freestyle

FRONT CRAWL Is a 'survival style' of swimming taught by Red Cross, LifeSaving Society, and YMCA 'learn to swim' programs which focus on water safety: prevent drownings by teaching how to swim short [...]

Untold Story of a Canadian Olympian

Imagine dreaming for years that you would one day represent your country at the Olympics. Imagine training for years, and years, and years in pursuit of that dream. Imagine training with a team that [...]

Canada vs USA – updated 2018/04

Swimming in Canada and the USA is different, way way different and I believe there is one underlying reason, and that reason is the level of competition at the college/university level. In the US, [...]


At both TOEST & jTOEST, athletes/parents from other swim clubs come out to a training session as a result of requesting an evaluation of the athlete's swimming skills. Why do athletes/parents of athletes who [...]

Summary: State of Swimming

To Conclude & To Summarize Swimming Natation Canada (SNC) and Swim Ontario (SO) have had the opportunity for decades to demonstrate what they would do with the full authority to make the sport [...]

State of Swimming Solution [2]

The Solution is... Canadians do not need Swim Ontario and Swimming Natation Canada, that's backwards.  Swim Ontario and SNC need Canadians, they need Canadian athletes if they are to achieve their goals of [...]

State of Swimming Solution [1]

What the Solution is not... Before we can get to the solution, athletes & parents of athletes need to be aware what the solution is not, namely, that becoming members of Swim Ontario [...]

State of British Swimming

It would seem that our friends in the UK are suffering from the same sort of failure in leadership and failure in governance as we are in Canada. The screen shot below is that [...]

State of Swimming in Ontario [5]

"Membership Growth" via Hostile Takeovers - MSO It hasn't ended there. This past year, in its continuing need to demonstrate growth and in its continuing pattern of not actually doing anything to improve [...]

State of Swimming in Ontario [4]

"Membership Growth" via Hostile Takeovers - OSOA OFSAA was just the start of Swim Ontario's foray into hostile takeover attempts.  Unsuccessful in commandeering OFSAA, Swim Ontario set its sights on an easier target... [...]

State of Swimming in Ontario [3]

"Membership Growth" via Hostile Takeovers - OFSAA OFSAA represents 10,000+ high school students and runs numerous meets across Ontario every year culminating in High School Swimming Provincials. Desperate for membership, desperate for "growth" [...]

State of Swimming in Ontario [2]

Membership Growth as per Swim Ontario Swim Ontario and Swimming Natation Canada claim... the sport is thriving. When an organization "grows" by counting groups that have existed [...]

State of Swimming in Ontario [1]

Swim Ontario Board Conflict of Interest The President of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the US, Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald resigned last week as President over her personal financial investments in the [...]

State of Swimming in Ontario

Protectionism via a Moratorium on New Swim Clubs Why doesn't Canada have 100,000+ members and why doesn't Ontario have 30,000+ members? This post provides an insight into the mindset of how the sport [...]

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