State of Swimming in Canada

The thread of blogs titled "State of Swimming" is addressed to parents of age group swimmers, to masters swimmers, to those who care about the sport of swimming. The purpose of these blogs is [...]

“Hurt Yourself!”

“You should be in severe pain while training.“ “If you are not making the pace times, its your fault…” “You should be exhausted, totally exhausted at the end of each rep” “Hurt yourself!" [...]

Swimming Canada et al. vs Masters Swimming Ontario

Swimming Natation Canada (SNC) Strategic Plan, called Vision 2020 outlines its primary objective as follows: "Increase revenues by 50%, and do so by increasing membership by 66%." This vision statement sums up everything [...]

TOEST @ MMSC Spring Splash

The Milton Masters Swim Club (MMSC) held their Spring Splash this past weekend. Considering the meet was only a couple weeks after The Ontario Masters Swimming Championships, there was a decent turnout. Athletes from [...]

2017 Masters Provincial Swim Championships

Markham Pan Am Pool – site of the 2017 Ontario Masters Swimming Championships TOEST Ontario Swimming Champions: Patti 1500m FR 1st 45-49 age category Carolina 100 FLY 1st 45-49 [...]

Lionel Sanders Joined a Swim Team

You can find Sanders' entire blog post titled "Swim Update 1" by clicking here. That pro triathlete Lionel Sanders has struggled in the swim portion of triathlons is no secret. He would often come [...]

Cycling’s BMC WorldTour Team Leader Swims

That's right, you read that right... Leader of UCI WorldTour Team BMC and Grand Tour GC contendor Richie Porte (left image: Porte attacking Chris Froome during the 2016 Tour de France) [...]

TOEST @ BMSC Winter Splash

The Burlington Masters Swim Club (BMSC) put on another great meet at the Burlington Centennial Pool earlier today. Even though the snow was falling and there was a pile of snow on the ground, [...]

Ontario Masters Now Able to Compete Internationally

To register with Swimming Natation Canada (SNC) and Swim Ontario (SO) click on this link to register.  This is relevant to all Ontario Masters Swimmers who plan to compete at Canadian Masters Swimming Nationals [...]

NOTICE to all MSO Clubs and Swimmers

Click here to link to the MSO website to read an important message regarding the affiliation (i.e. the termination of MSOs affiliation with SNC). Most important is the impact on those swimmers who want to [...]

Quality Data vs Noise [2]

Athletes are not putting in anywhere near the training necessary between test sets. The result... instead of improving as athletes, instead of developing in technique, efficiency, speed and endurance, athletes end up as test monkeys. [...]

Quality Data vs Noise [1]

By bmw canada, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=53926643 During the broadcast of the XXXI Olympiad, CBC created a series titled "The Olympians" showcasing the athletes representing Canada in Rio. One of these segments focused [...]

Is There Ever A Time to Pull?

Absolutely... there is a time to add pull sets to workouts. There should be no doubt that there is significant value in doing pull sets. Whether its a pull set with a pull buoy, with [...]

Masters Swimming Myth #2, featuring Triathletes

Masters Swimming Myth #2, featuring Triathletes Myth – Kicking generates next to no propulsion, serves only to fatigue the athlete, so kick sets and training to develop the kick stroke is pointless, with the time [...]

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