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State of Swimming in Ontario [4]

"Membership Growth" via Hostile Takeovers - OSOA OFSAA was just the start of Swim Ontario's foray into hostile takeover attempts.  Unsuccessful in commandeering OFSAA, Swim Ontario set its sights on an easier target... [...]

State of Swimming in Ontario [3]

"Membership Growth" via Hostile Takeovers - OFSAA OFSAA represents 10,000+ high school students and runs numerous meets across Ontario every year culminating in High School Swimming Provincials. Desperate for membership, desperate for "growth" [...]

State of Swimming in Ontario [2]

Membership Growth as per Swim Ontario Swim Ontario and Swimming Natation Canada claim... the sport is thriving. When an organization "grows" by counting groups that have existed [...]

State of Swimming in Ontario [1]

Swim Ontario Board Conflict of Interest The President of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the US, Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald resigned last week as President over her personal financial investments in the [...]

State of Swimming in Ontario

Protectionism via a Moratorium on New Swim Clubs Why doesn't Canada have 100,000+ members and why doesn't Ontario have 30,000+ members? This post provides an insight into the mindset of how the sport [...]

State of Swimming in Canada [3]

Swimming Natation Canada (SNC) boasts to having: 30,000 members How does that stack up to the other Commonwealth Nations that SNC likes to compare itself? ** [...]

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