No Way Around 10,000 Hours

The Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model applies not only to youth age group athletes, the model applies equally to masters athletes... Notice in the Swimming Natation Canada LTAD the line [...]

Starting Younger Doesn’t Make You Better

Click banner to link to full article An important distinction has to be made... what exactly does it mean starting younger doesn't make you better? Did the study mean to [...]

There Are No 9yr Old Elite Athletes

A must read for athletes, coaches and parents of young athletes... I understand that the research article from the Journal of Sport Science & Medicine and posted at the US National [...]


Update #1 - Nov 4, 2019 I was contacted by Luis Escobar, Head Coach of EOMAC in regards to the original content of this post. He explained to me that in no way is [...]

The Olympian Experience

Why did we name our teams: The Olympian Experience? Are we obsessed with athletes attending the Olympics, Olympic Trials, Worlds, Nationals or even Provincial level competitions? Absolutely not. Seriously then, why would [...]

Effect of Competition

From:  The Journal of Social Psychology  Volume 126, 1986 - Issue 5 From the abstract of this article: Children were placed in one of two study groups: the first group was [...]

How Do We Know

How do we know that OAK has a coach who screams so forcefully at swimmers, that parents in the stands sometimes are made to cringe? How do we know that BAD has a 'no [...]

MSO Vindicated

To Bridgette and the MSO Board, congratulations!  You stood strong against the demand to submit to Masters Swimming Canada (MSC), to Swimming Canada (SNC), to Swim Ontario (SO) and to its masters committee headed [...]

You Created It, Now Live With It

In this past masters season of swim meets, one of our meets took place immediately after a Swimming Canada/Swim Ontario affiliated swim club meet for age groupers (youth athletes). Since the meet was still [...]

Asthma Puffers: a PED

Looks like a prior post titled "Ritalin: a PED" caught the attention of a few, resulting in threats and intimidation. That I will leave all that to another post because the material Swimming Canada [...]

It Used To Be About Kids

Parents need a wake up call... Sports used to be about kids.  There was a time that t-ball was played at the local park because some dad for no other reason then [...]

“At Any Cost” Is Unacceptable

"Lance [Armstrong] and his story has become a sign post cast in stone on the journey of sport and the sign post says, 'This Way We Must Never Go Again, We Must Never Believe [...]

Ritalin: a PED

Seems parents of athletes swimming for the Burlington Aquatic Devilrays [BAD] and Oakville Aquatic Club [OAK] have lost their minds. These parents have discovered that Ritalin - prescribed for patients diagnosed with Attention Deficit [...]

Swim Ontario Legal Woes

It was last year when my wife took the NCCP (National Coaching Certification Progam) Level 1 Triathlon course. On the course, in addition to a pro triathlete and a handful of athletes wanting to [...]

Canadian & British Swimming Associations

What is the common thread that links Swimming Natation Canada (SNC), Swim Ontario (SO), British Swimming (BS) and Swim England (SE)? It is this:  those individuals who are in positions of authority at these [...]

State of British Swimming [2]

Click here or on the banner below for an update to "State of British Swimming"... Click here to link to the initial post on TOEST.ca regarding the State of British Swimming [...]

Canadian Forces Swimming Champs

Recently in an email from the President of the Masters Swimming Ontario Board... (see image) It is great to see that our Canadian Forces - our Air, Army and Navy - plus Royal Military [...]

Is Summer McIntosh Having Fun?

Recently on the swimswam.com website the following articles were posted: Click on the banners to link directly to the articles @swimswam.com The caption below the article states: "McIntosh broke an [...]

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