toest-scoreboardLast weekend, TOEST athletes headed out to the Etobicoke Olympium Masters Aquatic Club’s (EOMAC) annual Semi-Serious Event.  Its a great early season meet with many events ranging from 50m to 400m with a 200m relay at the end of each session.  To see TOEST up on the scoreboard, especially when the TOEST A relay team was on the blocks was a moment to take in as it was a realization of a dream for both Aimee and me.


Etobicoke Olympium Pool

Why is it called a Semi-Serious Swim Meet? That’s because masters swimmers aren’t as serious as they are made out to be. We like to have our fair share of fun. See below for the fun relays which occur mid way through the meet. Those who signed up – including our own Patti and Aimee – were assigned to relay teams made up of swimmers from all the different teams at the meet. The teams compete in various relay events and for the coveted Semi Serious Trophy that each relay team member receives. Considering that no other event at the meet gets a trophy except the Not So Serious Relay Competition, kinda shows whats really important to Masters Swimmers… a good time!

This was the chain gang relay. Each team starts with the team members in a line holding the ankle of the swimmer in front, the team swims a length of the pool, drops one swimmer off the chain until the last swimmer races on their own for the final wall:

This was the tshirt relay. Each swimmer swims one length (25m of the pool) anyway they want, but they have to bring with them the team tshirt:

This was the kickboard – pull buoy relay event where each swimmer swims a distance of 25m while bringing with them a kickboard and pull buoy:

EOMAC always puts on a great event, and this year was no different.  Next swim meet is the North York Masters Aquatic Club (NYMAC) Pentathlon. This is a meet that every sprinter needs to be at to practice those dives and to get in a bunch of fast 50s back to back to back.  See y’all there.