Attribution Aberdare Blog, The Family Sculpture by Robert Thomas, Cardiff

This past Saturday, TOEST had its first Intro2 program start at the Aldershot Pool.  What is absolutely awesome is that the program is made up of 3 families: 3 moms, each with one of their children. How awesome and amazing is that? We couldn’t have planned or asked for better!

To witness from the pool deck, parents interacting with their kids, having the opportunity to learn from one another, to race a length against each other in fun, to see what one can do that the other cannot, is exactly why Aimee and I started TOEST.  We wanted a chance for our family to swim together, to have fun together, who knew we would so quickly have other families joining in also swimming together. We wanted to create a program that doesn’t separate but unites age groups, unites families to participate and enjoy sport together.

Do you want to model an active healthy lifestyle for your kids?

Do you want to be an example to them of trying something new, perhaps something challenging?

What about sharing the experience of setting out to achieve a goal, and achieving it together?

Our Intro programs are a simple way to getting together in the pool to learn new skills, improve in all four of the strokes, and most of all to enjoy time together.

Our Masters and Junior Masters (jTOEST) programs are available for those who want to take family time to be family training time. Set yourselves up for fun next summer in the pool or in the lake, for fun on an upcoming winter vacation where everyone is able to enjoy swimming in the ocean, or chose to compete in a triathlon as a family, perhaps as a relay team by training together.

Why not join us in the pool?