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Update: New MSO SCY Records – 400FR Mixed Relay Team

And there is yet another new MSO Record from the 2020 Alderwood Teddy Bares 45th Annual Swim Meet… this time a relay team record which is also out team’s first relay record. Congrats to Tanya, Kate, Mark and MJ.

Update: New MSO SCY Records – Carolina Lleras

At the 2020 Alderwood Teddy Bares 45th Annual Swim Meet, Carolina who aged up into the 50-54W category set two new records. The prior 200FLY record was standing since 1987, Carolina took 7secs off it, and then took 0.01secs to claim the 50FLY record as well. In the 400IM, Carolina was just 2secs off the current record. Amazing work Carolina.

Alderwood 45th Annual Teddy Bares Meet (SCY)

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MSO SCY Records

An amazing number of firsts: Andres swam his first 500FR event, Tom swam his first 200FR event, Kelly swam her first ever 100y events and not just one but 3: the 100FR, 100BR, and 100BK, and we have to give Gail a special shout out for not only her first ever 50y event, but her first swim meet ever. Gail started swimming just a handful of months ago at the age of 80 no less thanks to the encouragement of her daughter Tanya who was also at the meet and added the 100BR for the first time to her long list of swims.

Amazing work team!

Hope y’all grabbed a few sandwiches and cookies on the way out… Alderwood always puts on a great meet and this year was no different. Plus, we were all in for a special treat as Alderwood’s founding coach & member came up from St Catharines to do a ceremonial start to commemorate the 45th consecutive Alderwood Open meet.

No, I didn’t forget about Carolina… Carolina aged up this year to the W50-54 category so she has a fresh start on all the records in this category. With already 8 individual records and 2 relay team records, Carolina added 2 more today: 200FLY & 50FLY. The 200FLY record was standing from 1987, Carolina took 7secs off that record; and in the 50FLY took 0.01secs off the record in a time of 30.53. Which now brings Carolina’s individual record total up to … 10 … wow and congrats!

Next up… the Stephen Forsey meet in February, hope to see you all there.

Alderwood Update:

With results uploaded to the MSO website all the results including team standings can be reviewed. As a team we finished in 3rd place out of 21 teams. Awesome work y’all! And individually…

  • Andres swam to 6/6 P.B.s: 5secs faster in 100BR, 7secs faster in 50BR, 11secs faster in 100FR, and 4secs faster in 50 FR, and looking back to Alderwood in 2018… Andres for the 100FR started at 1:49.84 (SCY) and just swam 1:26.54! The 500FR and the 200BR were both 1st time events… so 2 more P.B.s!

  • Tom swam to 6/6 P.B.s: he took 1sec of his 50FR, 2secs of his 100FR, and 5 secs of his 50BR, and with the 50BK, 100BR, and 200FR being all 1st time events… thats 3 more P.B.s!

  • Tanya swam to 6/6 P.B.s: 4secs faster in 100FR, 4secs faster in 200FR, 10secs faster in 100IM, 8secs faster in 200IM, and the 100BK & 100BR being 1st time events… that adds up to 6 out 6 P.B.s!

  • It was the first yards meet for both Kelly and Gail so all of their events were P.B.s… that’s 6/6 for Kelly, and 1/1 for Gail.

  • As for the veterans… Kate took 4secs off her 50FR swimming 31.95 and 2 secs off her 50FLY times, and father & son duo Mark & MJ posted 4 P.B.s together for a team total of 31 P.B.s!

If those aren’t amazing results… I don’t know what is.  Absolutely awesome team! WOW!

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